3 Critical Steps for Settling a Claim

A judged slamming his gavel.

How does it all work? You call your insurance company, and then you get a check weeks later in the mail? Usually, that’s what people do, but they often don’t get enough compensation. So what happened? In the case of not getting a fair settlement, many people don’t realize the full volume of needed evidence…

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What to Do When You Feel Bad After a Wreck

A person not feeling well after a wreck

It happens to most drivers; you’re going about your day then suddenly you’re in a car accident. What do you do? Many experienced drivers struggle to get through the necessary procedure of exchanging information and filing a police report. Why? Because nearly everyone involved in an accident feels some extent of guilt. Even if you…

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Nursing Home Neglect

Do you have a loved one living in a nursing home or long-term care facility?  It is understandable that loved ones would worry about the quality of care their elderly are receiving in the nursing home facilities and wonder about what to do should they suspect that neglect or abuse is happening. To learn more…

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When a Slip and Fall Accident Injures Your Child at School

School is one of the safest places that your child can be, particularly if an emergency occurs. This is because schools have rules and protocols for emergency situations. You can expect emergency services to arrive at the school before you do, though you’ll be contacted right away. Yet, it is one of every parent’s worst…

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Warning Signs of a Potential Malpractice Lawsuit

Knowing that you are the victim of malpractice is much easier to determine than predicting whether you will experience an act of malpractice. Unlike a medical malpractice circumstance, a professional malpractice is more difficult to ascertain, as the injuries you may sustain are not physical or medical. Although you may have felt “wronged” in some…

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What if My Car is Totaled in a Car Accident?

It is unfortunate, but it happens too often in serious car accidents throughout the United States. Your car is totaled in the car accident, which is the fault of the other driver. You still owe a fairly large balance on your car – however, you are not offered the full amount to pay off your…

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Rollover Accidents

There are seemingly daily serious wrecks and crashes on the interstate, some involving multiple vehicles. Some of the most serious types of these accidents are when a vehicle rolls over.  A vehicle that rolls over not only creates a dangerous situation for the driver of the vehicle, but also for drivers around the scene of…

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Psychological Injuries from Car Accidents

People walk away with much more than physical injuries after a car accident. The emotional significance of a collision cannot be understated. People who are confident in their driving abilities or who feel safe as passengers suddenly collide with another car and come face to face with reality: that driving is dangerous and they could…

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Talcum Powder Litigation Continues Nationwide

Talcum Powder Litigation: J&J Logo

Talcum powder litigation continues nationwide as manufacturer Johnson & Johnson vows to continue fighting each claim. The tough stance comes despite the fact that Johnson & Johnson has thus far lost in four instances of talcum powder litigation it which it is alleged that the regular use of talcum powder can lead to ovarian cancer.…

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Study: Pradaxa Drug Increase Risk of Bleeding

different color pills with prescription bottle

A new study by researchers in Canada suggests that the blood-thinning drug Pradaxa, when combined with other medications, can increase the chance of internal bleeding. Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) last month, the study covered 45,991 patients in Ontario, all of whom were 66 or older and took Pradaxa to manage their…

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