A person not feeling well after a wreck

What to Do When You Feel Bad After a Wreck

September 15, 2019

It happens to most drivers; you’re going about your day then suddenly you’re in a car accident. What do you do? Many experienced drivers struggle to get through the necessary procedure of exchanging information and filing a police report. Why? Because nearly everyone involved in an accident feels some extent of guilt. Even if you…

Picture of person raging at a person who is tailgating him

Effects of Tailgating

August 30, 2019

Tailgating refers to a pastime at football events and concerts, but less innocently it refers to following a driver too closely. Tailgating is the cause of many accidents, and it can cause a chain reaction of rear-end collisions. Really when you’re hit from behind, the other driver was probably tailgating. So, if it’s so dangerous,…

Picture of 2 cars street racing

Teen Racing and Excessive Speed Crashes

August 15, 2019

It’s no surprise that teenagers and young adults are the most frequent in crashes that involve excess speeds. For the victims of these accidents, it seems like an obvious issue. How can you ensure that a teen is obeying the rules of the road when there isn’t an adult present? Teens are notorious for drag…

Woman finds out that her insurance won't pay for her car accident damages

What Happens When Insurance Won’t Pay for Injuries

July 30, 2019

Do you have options? Are there alternative routes available? Most people avoid getting medical care because they can’t afford it, but after a crash, your injuries likely demanded medical attention. Now you’re left with bills, and the insurance company says they won’t pay. You do have options, but which options are available to you depend…

Picture of an impaired driver

Impaired Drivers – Medication, Alcohol, and Drugs

July 15, 2019

Although a DWI stands for Driving While Impaired, many people only associate it with drunk driving. What about a driver that causes accidents and wreak havoc while under the influence of other drugs, or even prescribed medication? Is it reasonable to pursue the same punishment for those who are taking a medication as those who…

Driver calling a lawyer after a car accident

How You Know It’s Time to Call A Car Wreck Lawyer

June 28, 2019

From standard rear-end fender benders to special situations with rental cars, it’s hard to know when it’s reasonable to involve a car crash attorney. It’s not unreasonable time to call a lawyer after any crash, but many people like to show some faith in the insurance system. Contact a car accident attorney as soon as…

Client starting his car accident claim with an attorney

4 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Claim With an Attorney

June 14, 2019

Often drivers trust in their insurance to cover whatever is necessary after a wreck. Unfortunately, that means that many people are not receiving proper compensation for their damages. Car wreck lawyers in North Carolina see this happen all the time. With an attorney involved right away, your car insurance rep will immediately take a different…

Main Causes of Car Accidents in NC | North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

Main Causes of Car Accidents in North Carolina

May 21, 2019

People get into car accidents all the time. We see them on our way to work in the morning. We get upset when traffic is backed up for hours due to a crash. We see stories on the news and feel bad for the victims. But mostly, we’re just happy that it didn’t happen to…

Filing Suit Against Multiple Parties | North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

You May Have to File Suit Against Multiple Parties

May 15, 2019

If you get injured in an accident, you’ll be angry. You’re going to want someone to pay. That’s where your North Carolina personal injury attorney enters the picture. Sure, you can try to handle your case alone. However, your odds of recovering for your injuries are much better with an experienced lawyer by your side.…

Mistakes to Avoid After A Wreck | North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

Mistakes to Avoid After A Wreck

May 8, 2019

Everyone makes mistakes, but making the wrong mistake after a car wreck could cost you a lot. These mistakes are critical, and insurance companies will jump at the chance to close your claim with little or no payout. Avoid these mistakes at all costs. But if you find that the damage is already done, get…