What to Do When You Feel Bad After a Wreck

What to Do When You Feel Bad After a Wreck

It happens to most drivers; you’re going about your day then suddenly you’re in a car accident. What do you do? Many experienced drivers struggle to get through the necessary procedure of exchanging information and filing a police report. Why? Because nearly everyone involved in an accident feels some extent of guilt. Even if you only feel bad about the crash happening, admitting guilt or apologizing can destroy your claim. Because it’s common knowledge now that you should never apologize after a wreck, it often makes people feel even worse. How can you get through these feelings and work towards something productive?

Take Meaningful Action

Nothing helps you work through difficult feelings of guilt, frustration, or just general disappointment than taking action. If you’re feeling bad about the car accident, then make a list of all the things you need to do. Your car insurance company may give you more tasks than you initially imagined, such as taking the car to the appraisers. 

The car was probably towed to a shop or different location that you may need to track down. You also need to sort through your photos and submit them to your insurance and your attorney. At that rate, you need to find an attorney to protect you from both insurance companies.

Finally, you need to follow up on any medical care. If you received medical treatment immediately after the crash, you probably received clear instruction. However, if you only felt sore at the time, you may have delayed seeing a doctor. Now is the time to make sure you continue medical treatment.

Look At Things in a Different Light

Yes, you had a crash, but there are many accidents which happen daily. It’s time to start reframing your accident. Look at the things you did right and understand that normalcy of things that you feel you did wrong.

For example, many people question if they were paying attention, enough. But when you look at how people phrase that it already implies that they were, in fact, paying attention. Perhaps you were changing the radio station or had a passenger talking to you. While those are common distractions, it does not mean that you were distracted at the time.

Work with your attorney to understand that root cause of your accident. It is nearly impossible to understand your role in a crash if you only consider your viewpoint. An attorney can show you evidence from the other driver’s viewpoint, explain road conditions, and show who broke traffic laws. Take into consideration that changing the radio is not a violation of any traffic law; however if you were swiping on your phone or sending a text message that’s a different case entirely.

In all likelihood, the crash was probably not your fault. Or in the least, not entirely your fault. Most people are victims of drivers not adhering to traffic laws or adapting to changing road conditions. It’s important to understand that you did not cause this crash. If you share some extent of the fault, it will likely impact your claim.

Focus on Your Recovery

Most accidents leave people with some extent of harm or injury. That gives you something to focus on even if you don’t feel very good about the crash happening. Your crash could result in you receiving medical attention, surgery, or ongoing treatment. Make sure that you understand that all of these things are there for your health.

While working towards a full recovery, you need to take care to document your medical treatment. An attorney can work with you to bring together your medical bills, but you’ll need to document the dates of procedures and medication you took closely. Additionally, you’ll need to show at some point during your claim that this was all part of the crash. 

Journaling your medical recovery and the time you missed work will give a linear explanation of when the injury happened.

Contact a North Carolina Car Accident Attorney

The legal team at Hurt.com helps the victims of car accidents know how to react after a wreck. Contact Hurt.com now for a consultation. With proper legal guidance, you can understand your role in the accident and what to expect from a claim.

If you were hurt or injured, then you need someone to represent your interests. That means taking charge and protecting you. An attorney can do that while an insurance company is only looking to keep cash in their own pockets.

Even if you feel terrible about the crash, contact a North Carolina car accident attorney.

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