3 Critical Steps for Settling a Claim

3 Critical Steps for Settling a Claim

How does it all work? You call your insurance company, and then you get a check weeks later in the mail? Usually, that’s what people do, but they often don’t get enough compensation. So what happened? In the case of not getting a fair settlement, many people don’t realize the full volume of needed evidence or the negotiation process. 

All too often, people feel that the initial check they receive couldn’t possibly cover all of their costs. They’re right. If you don’t carefully navigate each of these steps, then you will end up with a check that won’t cover your damages. Even in the best-case scenario, people find themselves struggling to get a fair settlement on their claim. 

Opening Your Claim 

It’s the step that people are often happy to do, open the claim. This is the part where you call or notify the insurance company that you were in a crash and need compensation. That means that you need to alert your insurance provider, but don’t rush into it. 

When you call your insurance company, they’ll try to get a recorded statement. They have all the different tricks they pull, but you don’t have to talk to them right away. Just file your claim and tell them that you’ll make a statement when you’re ready. After a crash, you’re more than just a little shaken. You can’t think clearly, so it’s no time to give a statement. 

Submitting Your Evidence

After you’ve collected your evidence and filed your statement, you’ll need to compile your evidence. That evidence will need to be put together in a compelling manner. When you submit your evidence, it should support your statement, be factual, and showcase that your demand is just and fair 

Your evidence will include the photographs from the scene, police report, and even nearby surveillance cameras. When you submit your evidence, you’ll need to ensure that everything is there so that the insurance company can review it thoroughly. 

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

What is fair? Fair should cover all of your damages, including property damage and medical expenses. But, that’s often not what people recovery. When you’re looking at a settlement, you’re going to go through negotiations, and if you get relatively close to your demand figure, then it might be fair. 

As you go through negotiations, you should talk with your attorney about what would be fair. While they should always take your direction on these matters, they may give you a base figure to consider as fair. However, if you’re determined to recover all of the damages, then you may need to move out of settlement negotiations and go to court. 

What Happens If You Can’t Settle?

When you, your attorney, and the involved insurance companies can’t agree, then the claim moves forward. As you go through settlement negotiations, people will hit a point where they just don’t want to discuss it anymore. When you call it quits, the claim goes into court where a judge will decide. 

Now court for claims like these won’t involve a jury. Instead, a judge or court official will listen to both sides, review the evidence, and then make a decision. There are a few drawbacks to taking your case to court. 

First, you have court fees, second, your contingency fee with your attorney will probably go up, but there’s something worse. There is the chance that you may not get what the company was offering during their settlement negotiations. You could give up a fair settlement for an unfair judgment. 

Start By Finding a North Carolina Car Accident Attorney

North Carolina car accident attorneys are available to help you start settling your claim. You need someone to professionally assess the damages for your claim. Then that person, your attorney, should also build a strong case for your evidence and showing the truth of what occurred in your crash. Your evidence will speak for itself, but when you need to get negotiating too. 

Standing up to big insurance companies and their high-powered attorneys. That’s why getting a professional attorney on your case can change the game. Getting someone who is confident, experienced, and assertive can give you more control over the negotiations. 

Go to Hurt.com, where you can find and contact North Carolina car accident, attorneys. It’s a go-to spot for anyone hurt in a wreck that needs resolution. Finding the right North Carolina attorney can help you navigate these critical steps for getting a settlement on your claim. 


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