Power Morcellator Lawsuit

Power Morcellator Lawsuit

The power morcellator, a hysterectomy surgical device that is used during minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedures, has caused the spread of endometrial stromal sarcoma, leiomyosarcoma, or other hidden cancers contained within the uterus. The result has been an increasing number of uterine fibroid cancer and hysterectomy cancer lawsuits by women throughout the United States.

The suits claim that consumers were not adequately warned that the devices posed the risk of spreading undetected cancer cells during a hysterectomy or fibroid removal surgery.

Studies have shown that 1 in every 350 women may have a form of undetected uterine cancer. During a morcellation procedure, the cancer can spread due to tissue being broken down into small fragments for easy removal.

In 2014 Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon subsidiary voluntarily recalled their uterine fibroid morcellator, acknowledged the severe risks associated with the device. Though other power morcellators have not been recalled in light of the continuing lawsuits, a number of hospitals and insurance providers have strictly restricted, if not banned the use of these devices during myomectomy or hysterectomy procedures.

Additionally, the FDA discourages the use of the devices because of the inability to predict whether a woman with fibroids has uterine sarcoma.


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