You May Have to File Suit Against Multiple Parties

You May Have to File Suit Against Multiple Parties

If you get injured in an accident, you’ll be angry. You’re going to want someone to pay. That’s where your North Carolina personal injury attorney enters the picture. Sure, you can try to handle your case alone. However, your odds of recovering for your injuries are much better with an experienced lawyer by your side.

The problem is, you may not be sure who you need to go after for compensation. Many cases involve more than one defendant. Thankfully, your North Carolina personal injury lawyer know how to handle cases like this. They will determine who is at fault and make sure all responsible parties are named in your lawsuit.

Before you need to worry about suing people, your lawyer will try to get you paid through the defendants’ insurance companies. You’ll file a claim against each of their insurance policies. Quite frankly, you shouldn’t care who pays for your injuries as long as they’re covered.

Injury Lawyers in North Carolina Can Deal with Insurance Companies

Personal injury lawyers aren’t intimidated by insurance adjusters. They deal with them all the time. They also understand that it isn’t personal – it’s business. The insurance companies can’t pay out every claim that crosses their desks. If they did, they’d go out of business in no time. They deny some claims for good reason. Other times, they deny claims because they know they can settle for less.

Immediately following your accident, you’ll have to file claims against the defendants’ insurance companies. Almost all cases involve insurance companies. Some of these include:

  • Auto insurance
  • General liability insurance for businesses
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Errors and omissions
  • Medical malpractice insurance

If their insurance company refuses to pay your claim, your North Carolina personal injury lawyer will have no choice but to file a lawsuit. But just because you file suit doesn’t mean you won’t be able to settle your claim. Almost all personal injury lawsuits settle long before they go to court.

Your North Carolina Lawyer Will Pursue All Possible Parties

If you or your loved one gets hurt, you may not be sure who’s to blame. It could be different people. If you do have to file suit, it’s important that you file against the right people. If you don’t name them at the beginning of your case, you won’t be able to add them later on. Your personal injury lawyer will name all defendants in your suit.

Some of the parties who may be responsible for your injuries include:

  • Store owner
  • Individuals
  • Insurance companies
  • Maintenance companies
  • Employees
  • Manufacturers
  • Doctors
  • Municipalities

Let’s take an example. Perhaps your child cuts her leg while at daycare. She cuts it on a toy that clearly was not meant for little kids to play with. The warning on the toy says it’s for children aged 3-6. Your daughter is 5. Your child needs surgery to fix her leg. Due to some complications during surgery, the doctors aren’t sure if she’ll ever be able to walk or run.

You file a claim against the daycare’s insurance. The claim is denied. Your lawyer has no choice but to file a lawsuit. Who will he name?

  • The owner of the daycare
  • The toy manufacturer
  • The employee who was supposed to be watching your daughter
  • The doctor who performed the surgery
  • The hospital where the surgery was performed

Your personal injury lawyer will make sure the responsible party pays for your injuries. Again, it’s not important who pays for your child’s injuries. It’s just important that somebody be held responsible for their negligence.

Contact a North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you or your loved one is injured in any type of accident, you need to call a North Carolina personal injury attorney. You need to focus on getting better. Let your attorney handle the legal side of things.

Call and schedule your initial consultation today. Bring the following to your first meeting with your personal injury lawyer:

  • Medical records related to the accident
  • Contact information for any witnesses
  • Copies of any correspondence received from the defendant, his attorney or his insurance company
  • Pictures of any injuries
  • A copy of any injury or accident reports

Your North Carolina personal injury lawyer will use all of this information to help prepare your case. Call and discuss your case with one now. You can schedule your initial consultation today. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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