Common Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

Common Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

When a victim injures their muscles, ligaments, or tendons, this leads to a soft tissue injury. These kinds of injuries frequently cause agony, swelling, and wounding and may require a long time to recover. Treatment may even require medical procedures including physical therapy and surgery, which may be expensive. Therefore, if you live in Charlotte and sustained a soft tissue injury in an accident that was not your fault, it is critical to contact an injury lawyer who can help ensure your interests.

Common Causes of Soft Tissue Injuries

When tendons, (bands that connect the muscles to the bones) ligaments (hold the bones together) or muscles are strained or over-stressed, it frequently causes soft tissue injuries.

This usually occurs during some time of trauma. This may include a forceful and unexpected impact, such as a fall, blow to the body, or a twisting motion. Repetitive motions or overuse of an appendance over a long period of time can also lead to a soft tissue injury.

There are many different types of soft tissue injuries. These include:

  • Bruises, which occur when there is damage to the small blood vessels
  • Muscle contusions, caused by torn muscle fibers
  • Strains, which happen when the bands that hold that muscles to the bones are overstressed
  • Sprains, caused by torn fibers in the ligaments


When the ligaments that connect one bone to another are stretched or torn, a sprain can occur. This usually happens due to a severe twisting motions, and is frequently seen in the wrists, ankles and knees.

The severity of a sprain is rated on a numerical scale of one to three. The most mild sprain is rated a 1, and happens when there only slight stretching and minimal damage to the ligaments fibers. A sprain that receives a Grade 2 sprain is more serious. It generally indicates that there is a partial tear, which may create looseness in the joint.

A level 3 sprain is the most serious type of sprain. It can cause serious instability and make the affected region not function.

While mild grade 1 sprains generally only need ice and rest to recover, more severe sprains may need surgery and/or extensive physical therapy to heal.


Strains happen frequently in the foot, leg, and back, where the ligaments join muscles deep down and are usually an indicator of over-extending. In extreme cases, the ligament may halfway or totally tear. Frequent side effects incorporate pain in the affected area, plus cramps and muscle fatigue and spasms.


Injuries brought about by a hard impact to the muscle fibers and connective tissue below the skin are bruises. Bruises are identified by the skin turning different colors. This is brought about by blood pooling around the damage. While bruises are generally mild and heal fairly quickly with ice and rest, they may still be painful.

Injured victims generally experience pain, redness and swelling with any of these injuries. Injured victims may also experience reduced mobility and a limited range of motion which may make it difficult to complete their normal routines and self care. The rate that these injuries heal depends largely on the general health and age of the victim. How severe the injury was will also impact the healing time. For example, extremely severe tears may require extensive physical therapy or even surgery to reattach the ligament or tendon thereby requiring many months to heal.

Treatment for Soft Tissue Injuries

For the most part, soft tissue injuries mend between one and six weeks. Be that as it may, the speed at which these sorts of wounds recuperate additionally relies upon the harmed party’s perseverance in making the accompanying steps:

  • Performing activities to improve balance (if required by the injury), muscle strength and joint flexibility
  • Stretching, which helps mitigate stiffness and increases flexibility
  • Gradually increasing activity levels
  • Maintaining appointments with medical providers and following their instructions
  • Taking medications as recommended
  • Avoiding strenuous activities that may exacerbate the areas
  • Applying ice as directed

Victims that suffer from severe sprains and strains may experience severe pain. Due to this, some medical providers may prescribe prescription medication following the injury, especially if surgery is required to repair the tendon or ligament. A doctor may also recommend physical therapy because a lack of movement and stretching can cause the soft tissue to become tight. This may also be very painful and lead to further complications, including the appendage becoming frozen. While helpful for recovery, these procedures can be expensive and quickly overwhelm the finances of an injured victim; therefore, it is important for victims that have been injured due to someone else’s negligence to contact a personal injury attorney who can help them pursue justice and compensation for their injuries.  

Connect with a Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte, NC

While soft tissue injuries, including sprains and strains, may be viewed as less severe than broken bones and head trauma, they are still painful and may require extensive treatment and take significant time to heal. The legal team at help those that have been injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence and helps them pursue compensation and justice. If you live in Charlotte, NC and suffered injuries in an accident where you were not at fault, take the first step on the road to recovery by contacting a Charlotte NC personal injury lawyer. Contact us by filling out the Free Case Review form or starting a live chat today.

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