Patients Sue Elmiron About Permanent Vision Impairment

Patients Sue Elmiron About Permanent Vision Impairment

People are filing lawsuits against Elmiron claiming that the interstitial cystitis (IC) drug is the reason for their permanent vision impairment. 

Some filings blame the manufacturers for hiding the risks of their pentosan polysulfate sodium-based drug. Medical publications confirm these claims, connecting Elmiron to potentially irreversible eye damage. Elmiron lawsuits are currently pending trial.

Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a constant, painful bladder syndrome with no known cause. IC makes bladder pain and frequent urination. Elmiron is the only FDA-approved treatment for this rare bladder condition.

Elmiron’s efficiency in this painful bladder syndrome is not very well understood. Experts suggest Elmiron may build up over time and replace or increase a layer of similar molecules in the bladder. IC symptoms caused by weak points in this layer may then improve as a result of Elmiron use.

Elmiron has been the only pill-based treatment for IC for twenty-four years. The original drug label stated that there are zero vision-related side effects and there were no warnings. Ever since the label was updated after studies associated Elmiron to a type of macular degeneration.

Scientists have yet to prove precisely how Elmiron may cause eye injury. Some scientists have theorized that long-term use may allow PPS to accumulate in the eye, as it happens in the bladder.

Many IC patients use this medication for more than five years. This means their bodies endure chronic exposure to PPS. Doctors suggest that this level of exposure may let PPS or a byproduct to be stored in retinal cells.

Until mid-2020, Elmiron’s prescribing information had no warnings. In June 2020, Janssen Pharmaceuticals included a warning about retinal pigmentary changes. For many patients, this warning came far too late.

If you were using this medication and developed the unwanted side-effects, it’s time to consult with an attorney. Check and find an attorney near you.


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