Jurors Need Science Guide in the Talc Litigations

Jurors Need Science Guide in the Talc Litigations

In the past decades, the word “talc” was associated with baby powder and nobody even knew that it was deadly toxic. Today we know that talcum powder is, in fact, dangerous because it contains asbestos.

No wonder some of the biggest cosmetic companies are facing lawsuits from people who were using their talcum powder and ended up with mesothelioma and ovarian cancers. 

Recent regulatory activity organised to remove distinctions and determinations of talc-based on sound scientific principles. What complicates such litigations is the fact that in a traditional asbestos lawsuit, talc companies have become the new defendants and fight against allegations that talc contaminated with asbestos caused an asbestos-related illness. 

Talc and the asbestos minerals are both silicates; talc deposits are found in the areas of other silica mineral deposits like anthophyllite, chrysotile and tremolite. For decades talc miners were extracting talc mineral that contained small amounts of other silicate minerals or the talc mine. 

It is difficult to identify and differentiate the asbestiform and non-asbestiform of a one asbestos mineral. The differentiation between talc and asbestos mineral is especially challenging since transitional fibres are half fibrous talc and half amphibole asbestos mineral. 

The FDA’s current actions added to lawsuits to talcum powder manufacturers. The public pressure also adds to such cases, which leads to the mass recalling of talcum powder products. 

If you had suffered any side effect after prolonged use of talcum powder, you are not alone. Thousands of people share this problem with you. It is important to consult with an attorney who has experience in this area.

We recommend you not to go into the legal process on your own since cases like this are quite complicated.

Find an attorney at hurt.com and schedule your first consultation.

Source: https://www.natlawreview.com/article/clearing-air-talc-how-sound-science-must-guide-jurors-talc-litigation


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