IVC Filter Notable in the Death of Garry Shandling

IVC Filter Notable in the Death of Garry Shandling

Documentation released by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health notes that Garry Shandling had an IVC filter implant present at the time of his death.

Garry Shandling in 2011The death certificate, obtained by reporters in Hollywood, makes mention of the IVC filter alongside confirmation that the cause of death was a pulmonary thromboembolism.

In short, Shandling passed away of natural causes but was using a medical device that failed to catch its intended target.

The high-profile case is likely to once again shine a light on the controversial medical device. IVC filters are currently the focus of more than 1,600 lawsuits, many of which are scheduled to start this year.

Worryingly, this is only the beginning.

Just two days into 2017, a new IVC filter lawsuit has already been filed. A Wisconsin woman alleges that her Meridian model filter, manufactured and sold by C.R. Bard, was defective. The case will join the existing 1,280 lawsuits against C.R. Bard, which must defend the medical device in Multi-District Legislation.

Bard is not alone. The remaining hundreds of cases that make up the load are filed against Cook Medical, which is also accused of negligence for marketing defective medical devices. The FDA has issued repeated warnings and

The FDA has issued repeated warnings and safety guidance regarding IVC filters dating back to 2010. Chronicling hundreds of what it call “adverse events” related to the devices, these incidents prompted the ongoing monitoring and consumer updates which have paved the way for the lawsuits.

The death of Garry Shandling and his use of an IVC filter may be just a coincidence, but the association has been made in more than enough other incidents to raise concern. The year ahead will prove to be a decisive time for C.R. Bard and Cook Medical, both of whom will be hoping to navigate the existing lawsuits through either a verdict in their favor or, more likely, substantial settlements with their accusers.

They will also have to hope that no more new cases come out of the cracks, which seems unlikely given the nature of the device and how it is used.

If you have experienced negative effects from an IVC filter, contact us to find out if you are entitled to compensation. 

Image by Angela George at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharongraphics/ 


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