Invokana Complications Mean Lower Sales and More Lawsuits

Invokana Complications Mean Lower Sales and More Lawsuits

One of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical sector is in trouble and its troubles come from an unexpected source: the company’s own blockbuster diabetes drug. Yes, it appears Invokana complications are finally hitting Johnson and Johnson (J&J) where it hurts, right in its quarterly results. 

The company’s earnings report for Q1 2017 confirms that U.S. sales of Invokana fell by 16.8%. That’s down $50 million in total, dropping off from $320 million to $270 million. For a drug that has previously topped sales charts in its category and which has provided a stable platform in what can be a cutthroat sector, Invokana’s losses came as a surprise to industry observers.

Financial analysts were quick to jump on the report, highlighting the various areas in which J&J has disappointed in recent months. Invokana made the list in many cases, with experts citing both mounting lawsuits and increased competition in the SGLT 2 inhibitor market as underlying reasons for the fall. Invokana still leads the pack, but this latest drop puts it within touching distance of second-placed Januvia.

While the finance world worries more about the profits than the patients, the legal action against the drug is what really worries the healthcare sector. 

Invokana has only a short sales history but the safety alerts and lawsuits involving the drug are already stacking up. The health complaints include cardiovascular problems, prolonged dehydration, acute kidney problems, and severe urinary tract infections. The drug has been linked to severe health impacts involving amputation, long-term hospitalization, and even death.

The sales drops could be short-term issues, but the most severe side effects of this drug are permanent.

It’s worth noting that warning labels are required for all drugs of this type, not just Invokana. The dangers of diabetic ketoacidosis exist with every SGLT 2 inhibitor on the market and most of the major brand names have experienced some form of legal trouble.

However, more than 230 lawsuits comprise the multidistrict litigation currently underway against the drug. Worse still, new legal challenges are still being raised and two new cases have been added in New Jersey earlier this month.

The U.S. District Court in New Jersey points to the latter half of 2018 as the most likely period for bellwether trials – often considered important test cases, to begin. The verdicts should provide a perspective on future Invokana lawsuits and the liability that J&J’s parent company Janssen will have to bear.

If you or a loved one have experienced negative health consequences as a result of taking Invokana or another diabetes drug, contact a legal expert below for a complimentary case evaluation.

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