Disclosure: Johnson and Johnson Product Liability Claims

Talcum Powder Litigation: J&J Logo

Johnson and Johnson product liability claims are described in detail in the company’s quarterly report filed with the SEC and released earlier this month. The company declines to put losses on its balance sheet “until a loss is determined to be probable and can be reasonably estimated.” According to Johnson and Johnson: The most significant…

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Invokana Amputation Risk Does Not Apply, J&J Competitors

invokana amputation risk concern

Even as Johnson & Johnson rushes to comply with new FDA requirements to warn consumers about the Invokana amputation risk, the company’s competitors are working just as hard to separate themselves from J&J’s medication. Both AstraZeneca (Farxiga) and Eli Lilly/Boeheringer Ingelheim (Jardiance) have been at pains this week to emphasize that their medications show no…

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Invokana Complications Mean Lower Sales and More Lawsuits

invokana complications and lawsuits

One of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical sector is in trouble and its troubles come from an unexpected source: the company’s own blockbuster diabetes drug. Yes, it appears Invokana complications are finally hitting Johnson and Johnson (J&J) where it hurts, right in its quarterly results.  The company’s earnings report for Q1 2017 confirms that U.S.…

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ACP Advice Aims to Cut Reliance on Onglyza and Invokana

onglyza and invokana

Diabetes drugs Onglyza and Invokana could be more trouble than they’re worth, according to new guidelines from one of the country’s most respected medical organizations. The American College of Physicians (ACP) has urged healthcare providers to exercise restraint when prescribing these and other popular diabetes medications. Specifically, the guidelines recommend restraint on prescriptions of costly SGLT2 and…

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Diabetes Drug Invokana Is J&J's Cure for Subpar Performance

Diabetes Drug Invokana Bottles

Rarely far from the pharmaceutical headlines, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) have big plans for popular diabetes drug Invokana in 2017. Following disappointing revenue results reported earlier this week, the company’s drugs and medical devices profits in Q4 2016 have been held up as a silver lining heading into this new quarter. Seeking to revitalize sales…

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