Drug Side Effects

Taxotere Litigation Nationwide Update

Taxotere Litigation

Taxotere litigation is now slated to move forward with several bellwether trials scheduled to begin on September 21, 2018 in federal court in the Eastern District of Louisiana. To date there are some 1,272 lawsuits that have been filed against Sanofi-Aventis that involve claims of permanent hair loss in breast cancer patients who have used…

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Disclosure: Johnson and Johnson Product Liability Claims

Talcum Powder Litigation: J&J Logo

Johnson and Johnson product liability claims are described in detail in the company’s quarterly report filed with the SEC and released earlier this month. The company declines to put losses on its balance sheet “until a loss is determined to be probable and can be reasonably estimated.” According to Johnson and Johnson: The most significant…

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Adverse Drug Reactions Hit Record Levels

adverse drug reports

The negative impact of drug side effects has hit record levels in recent years, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Worse still, the analysis also shows a fivefold increase in adverse drug reactions over the past 12 years.  Back in 2004, there were 206,000 reports filed, covering side-effects…

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Abilify and Harmful Drugs Prescribed to Help

helpful harmful drugs

Even the most helpful drugs can be harmful drugs. Have you ever listened to all of the side effects rattled off at the end of a drug commercial? They’re so common at this point that they almost feel like background noise.  Take the time to listen, however, and this relentless roll call of side effects…

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