Drug Lawsuits

New York State Sues Johnson & Johnson For Alleged Opioid Epidemic


Johnson & Johnson is now facing another lawsuit, this time from the state of New York. The state demands to recover $2 billion over the pharmaceutical giant’s alleged role in the opioid epidemic. Millions of Americans became addicted to the strong painkillers. Hundreds of thousands of people died after using these painkillers. According to the…

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The Opioid Crisis: Who's Going to Pay?

opioid lawsuits

Lawsuits related to the opioid crisis have now begun to flood the U.S. court system. First were the suits filed by victims and their families, and the price tag for those was, is and will continue to be large. Those awards and settlements are quite likely to be dwarfed by the sums sought by states…

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Victoza Lawsuit Settles for $58.65 Million

Novo Nordisk - Victoza

Novo Nordisk has settled eight whistleblower lawsuits involving Victoza, its top selling product. In agreeing to pay a total of $58.65 million the Danish drug manufacturer also resolved a probe by the U.S. Department of Justice. According to the allegations the company downplayed medical warnings, disguised salespeople as medical educators and paid kickbacks to doctors.…

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Supreme Court Ruling Affects Drug Lawsuit Plaintiffs

Drug Lawsuits

A June Supreme Court ruling is likely to change significantly the opportunities available to prospective drug lawsuit plaintiffs. In an 8-1 ruling in BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB CO. v. SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY, ET AL. the Supreme Court ruled that either the individual plaintiff or the defendant corporation must have a significant connection to the…

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Taxotere Litigation Nationwide Update

Taxotere Litigation

Taxotere litigation is now slated to move forward with several bellwether trials scheduled to begin on September 21, 2018 in federal court in the Eastern District of Louisiana. To date there are some 1,272 lawsuits that have been filed against Sanofi-Aventis that involve claims of permanent hair loss in breast cancer patients who have used…

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Disclosure: Johnson and Johnson Product Liability Claims

Talcum Powder Litigation: J&J Logo

Johnson and Johnson product liability claims are described in detail in the company’s quarterly report filed with the SEC and released earlier this month. The company declines to put losses on its balance sheet “until a loss is determined to be probable and can be reasonably estimated.” According to Johnson and Johnson: The most significant…

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Talcum Powder Litigation Award Set In California

talcum powder litigation update

Talcum powder litigation reached a new high point yesterday when a California jury awarded a plaintiff a $417 million award in a suit connecting talcum to ovarian cancer. The court ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay the record sum to Eva Escheverria, a 63 year old medical receptionist, who had used Johnson’s Baby Powder on…

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CVS Sued over Alleged Fraudulent Drug Pricing

A California woman is suing CVS Health Corp. claiming that the nation’s largest drugstore chain is charging customers co-payments for some prescription drugs that actually exceed the cost of the drugs. According to the named plaintiff, Megan Schultz, CVS is surreptitiously charging customers who use insurance more for drugs, though their co-payments, more than the…

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Drug Lawsuits: Daiichi Sankyo Blood Pressure Settlement

Daiichi Sankyo Drug Lawsuits Settlement - Logo

The Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo has agreed to pay up to $300 million to settle 2,300 drug lawsuits. Plaintiffs accused the company of failing to warn that Daiichi Sankyo’s blood pressure drug Benicar could cause gastrointestinal illness. The settlement, which does not include a statement of liability, will cover plaintiffs in suits, first filed…

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Androgel Testosterone Replacement Trials Begin

androgel testosterone replacement ad

More than 4,000 men line up for a legal challenge against AbbVie this month, as trials related to the company’s Androgel testosterone replacement drug get underway. The first testimony was heard this week in a class action case being heard in a U.S. District Court in Illinois. Concerns about the drug relate predominantly to cardiovascular problems,…

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