Drug Approvals

FDA Takes Steps to Curb Orphan Drugs

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FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that he is taking steps to deal with abuses in the development of sorphan drugs by closing lucrative loopholes open to pharmaceutical companies. The Orphan Drug Act of 1983 provides incentives to research and produce drugs used to treat rare conditions. Incentives to produce drugs that be otherwise financially infeasible…

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FDA Announces Approval of New Hepatitis C Drug

FDA Approves: New Hepatitis C Drug

Difficulties in treating Hepatitis C may be a thing of the past with the FDA’s approval of Mavyret. The drug, produced by AbbVie, is approved to treat patients not suffering from cirrhosis and those for whom other treatments have not worked. Mavyret will join several other drugs approved to treat Hepatitis C,  giving both physicians…

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