Device Recalls

Drug Recalls on the Rise Dramatically by 444 Percent

Drug recalls rose by 444 percent

The last quarter saw more drug recalls than at any time in the past three years. The number of recalls increased by 6 percent over the prior quarter to 86, and the volume of drug units in homes and on store shelves increased by 444 percent. The source of that information is Recall Index released today…

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A Wake Up Call on Medical Device Warnings

medical device warnings

Device manufacturer Intuitive Surgical is the focus of the healthcare industry in Washington this month, after a ruling in the state’s highest court brought renewed attention to medical device warnings. The decision means that manufacturers are required to warn anyone who purchases their products – patients, professionals, or medical facilities – about related risks. The…

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Inhaler Recall Prompts Concern Among Asthmatics

medical device recalls fda

A voluntary recall by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is impacting hospitals, retailers, and distributors across the U.S. The Ventolin inhaler recall affects almost 600,000 devices, which asthma sufferers rely upon every day to breathe normally.  The recommendation was issued by GSK following complaints from asthmatics that the Ventolin units show signs of leaking. While the issue poses no direct…

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Market Growth Masks Harmful Hernia Mesh Recalls

hernia mesh recalls

Even as the list of complaints and hernia mesh recalls grows, so does the market for the divisive medical device.  A new report by Persistence Market Research predicts robust growth for the hernia repair device market over the next five years. It estimates that the global market for the devices will grow by 10% or…

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