What Should DUI Victims Know About MADD and Other DUI Victim Groups?

What Should DUI Victims Know About MADD and Other DUI Victim Groups?

DUI accidents happen every day, in fact, every few minutes. But what are you supposed to do when someone comes barreling toward you? Many DUI victims feel as though they need to focus on their physical recovery more than anything else, and for people who’ve experienced an extensive injury, that may be true. But, regarding your mental health, you might question your options.

Many groups will advocate for new victims to come in but don’t rush into a group without fully understanding what you’re getting into. There’s no clear situation on how these groups should operate. From city to city, these groups can have different structures, people in charge, and different mentalities about the work they do. Contact a North Carolina car accident attorney today.

Victim Impact Panel

The victim impact panel is a huge issue that many victims feel as though they may participate in. However, these panels can range from blaming unknown faces in the crowd to a cathartic experience.

Ironically, the best Insight you can get on the experience of the Victim Impact Panel is from recovering alcoholics. At a Victim Impact Panel, victims of drunk driving accidents will speak to a group of people completing their sentencing requirements for DUI crimes. Rehab center blogs and personal accounts are easy to find online where recovering people associated with a DUI left feeling as though there was misplaced blame. Some fight that it’s apparent when a speaking victim has gone through years of grief without progress and has little effect.

However, there are many different views on these panels. People remark that those who speak honestly, about their direct experience as individuals rather than to issue blame, have a very effective voice.

If you participate in a Victim Impact Panel, speak with others and possibly even your attorney if your case is still open. You may even consider attending a few Victim Impact Panel as an audience member.

DUI Offenders and AA Members will Likely Be Present

Outside of Victim Impact panels, there are DUI offenders and AA members who are active not only with MADD but various other victim groups. A lot of programs that help address addiction, specifically alcoholism, encourage people in recovery to get involved in helping victims.

MADD and nearly all other similar victim groups do support easy access to treatment programs. Many of these groups have urged judges to consider treatment programs and requirements in sentencing, and know that treatment programs could address public dangers outside of intoxicated driving.

Should You Get Involved?

These groups serve the purpose of offering emotional support and guidance. Many people are very effective and can help the victims connect with people who have been through similar experiences. When the crash is still fresh, you may not be mentally prepared to hear about other people’s DUI crashes or experiences.

You were just put through an extremely traumatic experience, and what’s worse is that even the language used around a deal I can call the victims to feel diminished. Your crash was no accident. But that’s what most people call it.

Victim groups serve to support the victims of drunk driving crashes, but they also worked diligently to make changes to reduce the number of deaths or injuries associated with DUIs. Talk to a mental health professional, or a therapist, about whether you’re ready to get involved.

Seek Help from a North Carolina Car Accident Attorney

When recovering from a drunk driving accident, it may seem like a very long road ahead. You’ve sustained injuries, and in addition to the damage of your physical health, you have to worry about your mental health. You may have sustained trauma from the accident, in the way of anxiety or even PTSD. Participating in victim groups that can help address what you experienced, but it is not for everyone. Always speak with a mental health professional before diving into group meetings outside of your therapy, to ensure that it will be beneficial and not cause further trauma.

Locating a North Carolina Car Accident Attorney can help you resolve your claim. Artemis works diligently to represent victims of car accidents, including accidents caused by alcohol or drug impairment. As we go through the evidence and your case, it will help break down exactly what you should pursue in compensation, and what you should expect during the claims process.

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