What Happens When You Can’t Escape the Vehicle After A Crash

What Happens When You Can’t Escape the Vehicle After A Crash

When you think of worst-case scenarios, you often think that the worst that could go wrong behind the wheel is a car crash. You don’t think about the countless lakes and rivers that run through North Carolina or the possibility of crashing into one and your vehicle going underwater. You may not think about the possibility of a crash resulting in a car fire. Of course, there are many situations that the majority of drivers will never experience, and that’s good news.

But just in case, here is general information on handling scary situations. Keep in mind that professionals train for these events ahead of time, whereas most civilians get out of these situations with a bit of common sense and a lot of luck. Thankfully right here in Florida, there are many training centers that will help worried civilians as well as professionals train for the worst-possible-moments. You should contact our professionals for more information on what you’ll need to know in case of an emergency

Car on Fire Situations

Of course, the first instinct is to try and open a door. If possible, that’s your best option. If your door is not opening, then begin attempting to kick out a window. These windows don’t budge easily. Many have jumped from the front seat to backseat in an effort to find another door to open or to get further away from the vents pouring in smoke.

One in five fires in the U.S. involves a vehicle, and in a given year, vehicle fires can cause 490 deaths and 1,200 injuries. Most of the injuries and deaths experienced as a result of car fires are from toxic fumes, not the fire itself.

Submerged Vehicles

Unlike a car fire, your door isn’t going to open against the weight and pressure of the water. Instead, roll down a window as quickly as possible. Ideally, you’ll have the window completely open before the car is all the way underwater.

Experts offer training on this very issue in Florida as many helicopter pilots and professionals have to undergo extensive training to survive submersion. One expert told the Washington Post that he advises students to sit still for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and then to hold one of those breaths before exiting the vehicle through one of the side windows.

When To Wait for Help

North Carolina winters and storms can become brutal very quickly. So what happens when you’re caught in a storm, and it’s unsafe to drive? Or what happens when you’ve been in an accident, and you’re stuck in a snowbank unable to exit your vehicle? The answer to both situations is to stay put. Contact emergency services. When you’re reaching out for help, always follow the instruction of the emergency operator.

You should always contact 911 for emergency services when you feel that your vehicle is posing a danger to your person. If you were in a car accident, then it’s critical that you tell the 911 operator that you cannot exit your vehicle, or that you need to exit your vehicle right away. These operators I can offer you more guidance on how to exit your vehicle safely. Additionally, they’re trained to help you remain calm in these situations.

Contacting emergency services can also allow the operators to give first responders critical information. When first responders such as fire crews and emergency medical services arrive on scene well informed that they can take immediate action. And, if they know that they need additional tools for your vehicle, they can come prepared.

North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys

North Carolina Car Accidents Attorneys have seen everything involved with car wrecks through the years. From alarming car fires to daring submerged vehicle escapes, and the many times when the crash victim is unable to escape the vehicle. Although it seems unlikely that you or someone immediately close to you will experience these adrenaline-fueled situations, it’s better to be safe. Knowing how to escape a vehicle, and what happens when you can’t, should be part of learning how to drive.

After any crash that included an element keeping you in your vehicle when it’s possibly unsafe, call for help. Then, call for an attorney. Driving into a snowbank, or watching your hood erupt in a fury of smoke and flames isn’t something that usually happens on its own. In fact, it’s very likely that another driver is responsible for your crash, and their insurance policy should pay for your damages and injuries. Contacting North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys is the way to get started in making that happen.

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