What Happens If I Have to Travel for My Doctor’s Appointments?

What Happens If I Have to Travel for My Doctor’s Appointments?

Many people find out that even if they live in one of the big bustling cities in Ohio, they need to travel for their doctors’ appointments. Even just getting across town can be a pain and if not impossible given your injuries, but you may need to see an out of town specialist for a full recovery period if your medical team has referred you to a specialist that isn’t in your immediate area, you may quickly rack up travel expenses or mileage on your vehicle just getting to and from these appointments.

The good news is that you should be able to include all of your travel expenses in your compensation demand. That does mean that you need to take an active role in your car accident resolution to ensure that you include everything relevant to your crash injuries in that demand letter. Contact our Ohio car accident attorneys today.

When Would You Have to Travel for an Appointment?

Typically specialists will not have their offices within the same offices or near others as hospitals, urgent care centers, and even family practitioners. They may not even use your network as the rest of your health insurance. Additionally, you may need to have a special insurance plan to get a specialist referral easily. However, if the injuries the need for a specialist arise out of a car accident, it may be more accessible to get the attention of a specialist without jumping through multiple hoops with your health network.

Typically you would have to travel for an appointment if the doctor is out of a reasonable travel range. Now, if you need to take the bus or use a service to get to your doctor’s appointment, then you may already need to include the travel for your appointments. However, if you can drive yourself to your appointment or have someone drive you, it may seem like you shouldn’t include that expense as part of your claim. But you should. Even if you are driving yourself, you can request mileage compensation for travel to your doctor’s appointments.

Understanding Travel and Mileage Compensation in a Claim

One tactic that car insurance providers use to try to get out of paying for travel expense coverage is saying that you don’t have the right policy for that demand. Almost all major insurers offer car rental and travel expense coverage add-on that you can include with your comprehensive or collision insurance. This is different than what you’re attempting to claim. This type of add-on would cover transportation or meals if you were stuck more than 50 miles from your home after an accident or something going wrong with your vehicle.

As the victim of a car accident, you should be able to include all economic damages relating to your crush, including travel and mileage, for getting to and from your doctor’s appointments.

How Can You Assess All Of Your Damages?

To assess the damages of your claim, especially in regard to travel expenses, you’ll need to keep track of what you’re spending and your mileage. If you’re driving your own car or if someone is driving you around and putting miles on their car, then you need to know exactly how many miles you’re putting on the vehicle. Additionally, you’ll need to keep track of your receipts for when you’re filling up gas.

Now, if you have to use services to get your to your doctor’s appointments, then It may be easier to keep track of those damages. Uber and Lyft will often keep a person’s receipts within the app and easily accessible for extended periods of time. Additionally, you may need to use paratransit services, and while most counties provide this for free, some do not.

Work with an Ohio Car Crash Attorney

If you have medical appointments and other things on your plate while you’re recovering, you probably don’t want to deal with annoying and invasive insurance companies. Insurance companies certainly make it seem like the crash resolution process is simple and fast. That is because they don’t want you to pursue full compensation. What they want you to do is to accept a settlement check that probably won’t cover your medical bills and probably won’t cover your other economic damages, such as travel expenses.

What you can do is involved in Ohio, a car accident lawyer. Ohio car accident lawyers serve the communities within the state to help ensure that the victims of car accidents have a fighting chance to get fair compensation. They work with the evidence that’s available and details from the crash to help prove that their client is the victim and is old proper compensation.

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