Car Accidents Caused by Bad Weather in Charlotte, North Carolina

Car Accidents Caused by Bad Weather in Charlotte, North Carolina

Climate conditions in Charlotte, North Carolina can add to car collisions in a few distinctive ways. By adjusting driving behavior though, sometimes these crashes can be prevented. On other occasions, there is little you can do to keep a mishap during bad weather. The number of auto accidents climbs during bad weather, and even drivers who are experienced can be defenseless against climate conditions. Wet streets, cold conditions, heavy fog, strong winds, heavy rains, and other such climate conditions could prompt a cataclysmic weather related car accident.

How Bad Weather Poses Various Challenges

Bad weather can affect how a vehicle performs when driving. This may include the vehicle’s performance (e.g. grip and stability), the friction of the pavement, and even how the driver is able to operate the vehicle (vision, control, etc). Some challenges that may affect driving conditions when bad weather strikes in Charlotte, NC include:

  • Reduction in visibility: Heavy rain, snow and fog could hinder the driver’s visibility, where even headlights don’t help.
  • Reduction in traction: When conditions are wet, such as rain and snow, this may make the roads wet and slippery. In these cases, drivers may have limited ability to stop and avoid colliding with other vehicles or other objects in the road
  • Reduction in ability to control the vehicle: If there are strong crosswinds, these conditions may make it difficult for the driver to stay in their lane. Slippery roads may also make it more difficult for the driver to brake in time.

Frequently, terrible climate conditions cause more than one issue for the driver. For instance, during thunderstorms, the roads may become wet, slippery and accrue additional water at the same time the rainfall is reducing the driver’s visibility.

Driving With Sensible Consideration During Bad Weather

It is critical for drivers to drive with sensible care in bad climate conditions in Charlotte, NC. Truth be told, you are lawfully required to modify your speed and driving conduct as per the climate conditions to reduce the potential for an accident. While state laws identify that drivers must drive with reasonable care, there are no specific laws that identify exactly what those behaviors are. Instead, there are guidelines for safe driving behaviors and how you would be expected to behave as a reasonable driving during these conditions.

An example of a behavior that a reasonable driver would adjust during bad weather would be speed. If the speed on a certain road is 25 miles per hour (MPH), you would be expected to reduce your speed to below 25 miles per hour to accommodate for the slippery road and reduction in visibility. When determining accountability in an accident and if the accident could have been prevented, how the driver responded to these poor weather conditions is a critical factor. If the chance of the accident happening could have been mitigated by a reduction in speed, this will impact the claim.

Bad Weather Accidents that Occur Even When Precautions are Taken

Even if a driver modifies their driving behaviors during bad weather, other drivers may not and an auto accident may still occur. These negligent behaviors may lead to severe injuries for other vehicle occupants and pedestrians, and include driving too slow due to overestimating the hazards or aggressively switching lanes when rain has caused a reduction in traction to the road. In Charlotte, NC, a suit can be filed against a driver that failed to exercise proper precautions while driving in poor weather conditions and causes an accident resulting in injury.

As North Carolina is an at-fault state, you must prove the negligence of the driver, despite the weather, and acted recklessly. If you pursue a claim against the driver, you must also be able to show that you were driving with reasonable care.

Recuperating Damages for Injuries Sustained in a Weather Related Car Accident in Charlotte

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there are three different ways of recuperating damages for the harm caused to you after a car crash related to bad weather:

  • If the negligent driver has insurance, then you can claim damages from their insurance company.
  • If the negligent driver is underinsured or uninsured, then you can work with your own insurance company if you have uninsured/uninsured coverage or collision coverage policy.
  • You may also file a civil suit against the tortfeasor to recover damages.

An investigation into the accident will occur when filing an insurance claim, which can affect whether or not you are able to recover compensation and how much compensation you may be entitled to.

If You Were Hurt in a Weather Related Car Accident, Call

On the off chance that you have been engaged with a weather related car accident in, contact the car crash lawyers in Charlotte, NC at to find out about the laws related with your case and how you can pursue damages for your injuries.


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