How You Know It’s Time to Call A Car Wreck Lawyer

How You Know It’s Time to Call A Car Wreck Lawyer

From standard rear-end fender benders to special situations with rental cars, it’s hard to know when it’s reasonable to involve a car crash attorney. It’s not unreasonable time to call a lawyer after any crash, but many people like to show some faith in the insurance system.

Contact a car accident attorney as soon as you realize that your wreck will not have a simple insurance claim process. The situations discussed here often lead drawn out claim processes and overly complicated issues that can lead to claim denial.

The Insurance Company Just Isn’t Offering Enough.

Whenever someone takes on the injury from a car crash, it’s not as easy as seeing a doctor and getting treatment. What it comes down to is money. Personal injury, especially from car accidents, is a judge or insurance company deciding how much they think your injury is worth.

Then they will try to settle for so much less than you expected. Injury settlement negotiations are hard for anyone to handle without becoming irritated, frustrated, or outright upset. A lawyer can help you set realistic expectations for a settlement and a goal for compensation.

They should identify when it’s close enough to your goal to accept a settlement and when you may have to move forward with other legal options. Another place where lawyers shine is knowing the many different opportunities available to you to recover the compensation you deserve fully.

When to Settle and When to Sue

A lawyer will help you decide on a window of value for your injuries and damages. If the settlement offer is within that window, take the offer. But it’s more common to see a low-balled figure in hopes of sparking further negotiations or that you would accept the low settlement.

If it looks like your case won’t settle for anything close to what you think is fair, then it’s time to call a lawyer. While it’s always best to involve a lawyer from the beginning, settlement negotiations is a good time too start that relationship as well.

A lawyer will discuss the finer points of filing a lawsuit such as knowing that you won’t have the option of settlement for a few months additionally that you won’t receive compensation for a few months.

Finally, before you consider suing, you need to discuss payment and fees with your lawyer. Typically lawyers pay rate will change when they take a case to court rather than settle it. 

Cases With Special Circumstances

Rental cars, metro buses, and more. If you are in anything other than your own vehicle, get an attorney right away. Don’t hesitate to seek legal help because it’s likely that you’re going to be up against at least two insurance companies as well as a large company.

Rental cars offer you insurance, but it’s really a poor excuse for an insurance policy. They rely on intimidation to prevent people from seeking legal action. Don’t fall for it, if your case has any special circumstance contact an attorney.

North Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys

A quality lawyer will provide you with clear instruction from the start of your relationship. Although it’s likely that you have years of good service built up with your insurance company, they’re not necessarily on your side. Even if you weren’t at-fault, they wouldn’t be seeking the maximum compensation for you from the other insurance company.

A lawyer can help you know which documents to sign and which to refuse. They can help you collect all of your medical bills and records to show the extent of your injuries and organize witness statements.

Finally, your lawyer can help you decide when a settlement is acceptable or not. So many people take low compensation check because they feel like that’s their only choice. Insurance checks aren’t “take or leave it” situations. 

You pay for a service, as does the other driver involved. You did not cause the accident, and you certainly never meant to be injured. Therefore there’s no reason why you should not have access to a fair compensation payout for the damages of the wreck including your injury.

Reach Out to a Car Crash Lawyer

Go to for help with your case now. Speak with professional, practicing lawyers that take on car accident injury cases. Don’t wait to see If things pan out on their own, or if your insurance company makes a reasonable settlement. 

Take charge of how you resolve your case and focus on making a full recovery. Let a lawyer handle your car accident claim and defend your side of the story. Get help now, before it’s too late.

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