Teen Racing and Excessive Speed Crashes

Teen Racing and Excessive Speed Crashes

It’s no surprise that teenagers and young adults are the most frequent in crashes that involve excess speeds. For the victims of these accidents, it seems like an obvious issue. How can you ensure that a teen is obeying the rules of the road when there isn’t an adult present? Teens are notorious for drag racing, street racing, and generally driving dangerously. Why? They simply think that they can get away with it.

However, courts are becoming stricter when it comes to disciplining both the teenager and the adult responsible for them. In cases of young adults speeding it may result in jail time, a revoked license, and even punitive damages.

Younger Drivers More Likely to Incite Accidents

It’s common knowledge that teenage and young adult drivers are more likely to have an accident. But why? There are numerous factors, and one of them is that they often underestimate the situation at hand.

This constant underestimation is a driving aspect of the excessive speeding accidents associated with this age group. About 21% of teen wrecks are because of driving too fast for the condition of the road and not necessarily driving too fast in general. 

Additionally, teen drivers are less likely to wear seatbelts, more likely to speed, and more likely to permit smaller distances between them and the vehicle ahead. These factors work together to set up a teenager for failure behind the wheel. It’s no surprise that a teenager caused your high-speed accident. 

How is Street Racing Still Around?

From films to the streets, racing is still around. Not only has street racing had a long-standing reputation for easy-access-thrills, but it receives a substantial amount of positive attention on screen. Not that the news is hyping up street racing. However, movies well-before Grease showcased drag racing.

With the Fast and Furious franchise, it’s no wonder that young adults and teens are still street racing. There is no doubt that as long as young people have access to fast cars, they’ll want to be a bit competitive about it. The culture around street racing goes beyond seeing who can go fastest. Often these young adults will have an avid interest in cars and mechanics.

That interest in a valuable skill makes it hard for parents to deter their child’s curiosity. If your teenager wanted to spend times developing a skill that could turn into a steady career, you wouldn’t want to deter them. To many parents, that is the view they have of the situation.

Street racing continues because parents want their children to indulge their interest in mechanics. They may be turning a blind eye or outright unaware of the street racing that happens when they’re not around. But wait, aren’t their laws that prohibit street racing?

Yes, there are laws in place to deter people from racing, but these laws are often hard to enforce.

Legalities Which Interfere with Police Activity

In North Carolina, there are two struggles with racing and excessive speeds. First, drag racing which happens many areas within cities that have longer straightaways. Second is street racing which can take place at seemingly scheduled events to impromptu instances anywhere. Keep in mind that not all issues with excessive speed are synonymous with racing.

Either way, there is an issue with enforcement. Many times, and quite reasonably, the driver is not the owner of the vehicle. In these cases, the legal ramifications will likely impact the owner of the vehicle more financially than the driver. The driver may feel minimal legal consequences while the parent is left paying money for an attorney and paying the fine on the ticket. Additionally, there is the issue of increased rates on insurance payments and paying for the car to come out of an impound lot.

Contacting A North Carolina Car Accident Attorney Now

Working with an attorney is imperative in these cases. Go to Hurt.com for help finding the right lawyer for your case. Not only can you use the situation of excessive speed to provoke a response to your claim, you can use it to showcase fault.

Injuries at high speeds are often debilitating and can leave you dealing with the aftermath for years. Get the compensation for a high-speed crash that you need and deserve.

During these claims, insurance companies may “step out” acknowledging that their coverage ends when drivers behave recklessly. That does not mean that you’re out of options. An attorney can guide you through other legal resolutions that may be available to you.

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