Raise Awareness of North Carolina Street Racing

Raise Awareness of North Carolina Street Racing

To residents, it is no surprise that street racing is still a problem all throughout North Carolina. In fact, it’s a seasonal problem that seems to pop up every summer. Even with COVID-19 still in full swing, North Carolina street racing, and illegal street racing events continue to occur. The trouble is locating these events and these drivers before they cause serious damage.

North Carolina street racing is not always happening in somewhat organized events. In fact, often North Carolina street racing happens when two reckless drivers happen to pull up at the same stoplight or intersection. Occasionally, you’ll get a couple of friends that want to go out and drag race or street race, and they will go out into a city or town with the intention of doing this. For the people hurt as a result of street racing, the injuries are often severe or outright result in fatalities. Contact our North Carolina car accident attorneys for assistance today.

The Fast and The Furious in Raleigh?

Street racing seems like something straight out of Hollywood. But in 2017, About 11% of drivers involved in vehicle-related deaths had prior speeding violations. Now, going fast does not necessarily mean that you’re racing. A citation for speeding is different than a citation for pre-arranged street racing, street racing, or reckless driving.

People with a history of speeding, often find themselves involved in serious accidents. People who participate in street racing may have an even higher risk because of their blatant disregard for traffic law, and others on the road.

Who is Participating?

North Carolina has been found as the 6th most common state in regard to illegal street racing. About 11% of all drivers in North Carolina have a prior speeding ticket, and about 13 per 100,000 residents in North Carolina have prior street racing violations.

All the many officials in North Carolina are quick to argue that the state actually falls below the average in street racing violations and speed ticket violations, it ranked so high on the list because of the death rate. North Carolina has a higher death rate relating to street racing than the national average.

What to do if You See or Hear Street Racing

Most people report that they hear street racing before they see it. These cars are usually a souped-up to sound extra aggressive on the road. Often these modifications can drastically change the car’s abilities in regard to the rate of travel. However, some of these modifications are purely for sound.

If you hear street racing or see it happening, contact local police. This is one of those circumstances where local police are equipped to step in, but often they can’t locate these drivers. People that encounter street racing on a regular basis are likely in neighborhoods that serve as a platform for drivers who fancy themselves racers. Contacting local police is going to help draw their attention to the areas that need protection from illegal street racing the most.

Will North Carolina Police Respond?

Yes. There has been a fair amount of discussions lately about whether or not police will respond to vehicle accidents and vehicle-related issues. North Carolina police are still dedicated to responding to situations where someone could potentially be hurt. This includes both North Carolina State Police and local police departments, such as the Raleigh Police Department and the Charlotte Police Department.

If you contacted local authorities because you suspected street racing, be prepared to provide any information that you did have available. If you heard regular racing on the street behind your home, then explain the time frames, and how long it seemed that the racing went on. If you saw two drivers take off, then you might need to provide detailed descriptions of vehicles and explain exactly where the take-off occurred.

After a Street Racing Crash – North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys

If you were hurt as part of a street racing incident, or event then it’s likely that your injuries are more severe than typical car accident injuries. As the victim of a street racing crash, you likely have access to full compensation because of the unquestionable disregard that the other driver had. Reckless driving may even open the opportunity to pursue punitive damages.

To learn more, North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys ensures that our resources are always available. Victims of street racing crashes may have missing limbs, life-long injuries, total and permanent disability injuries, or have experienced a fatality as part of the accident. These are very serious situations, and we understand that. Find your attorney with North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys today.

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Raise Awareness of North Carolina Street Racing

To residents, it is no surprise that street racing is still a problem all throughout North Carolina. In fact, it's...