Mistakes to Avoid After A Wreck

Mistakes to Avoid After A Wreck

Everyone makes mistakes, but making the wrong mistake after a car wreck could cost you a lot. These mistakes are critical, and insurance companies will jump at the chance to close your claim with little or no payout.

Avoid these mistakes at all costs. But if you find that the damage is already done, get legal help. A North Carolina car accident lawyer can help you out of some of these issues, and guide you through resolving others.

1.  Apologizing

Nothing is worse than getting out of the car and seeing the damage. It doesn’t matter if you did it or not, the impulse is to say, “I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Unfortunately, the court and insurance systems have made it impossible to show another driver who was just in a wreck a bit of empathy. Saying that you are sorry is on the same level as admitting guilt.

When you tell another driver sorry, you are quite possibly taking the blame for the entire thing. It can be hard to fight this impulse, but not impossible. If you did apologize, be sure to tell your insurance company. Explain it was a reflex, that you saw someone in a wreck and felt sorry not that you were sorry for doing anything.

2.  Saying You “Feel Fine”

You may actually feel fine at the time of the wreck, but that doesn’t mean that everything is okay. Any doctor will tell you that the only way to know for certain is to have a doctor take a look.

Crash victims who don’t get the medical help that they need may find that their condition worsens quickly. The bad side of things is that after a crash people are more worried about fixing their car. Your car can wait.

Insurance companies don’t usually hesitate to repair cars after a wreck. What they do take care to watch out for is people who felt “fine” then suddenly have expensive medical bills.

Do not say that you feel fine, or okay. If your insurance company demands to know how you feel, tell them that you will seek any necessary medical help.

3.  Not Reporting the Car Crash

Whether it is not reporting the car wreck to your insurance company, or the police, both are big mistakes. The issue here is that if you do need to file a claim later you window of opportunity may be gone.

Insurance companies generally keep a 30-day policy. Where you have 30-days to submit a claim or else go through an uncomfortable process with possibly no payout. Then when it comes to the state North Carolina keeps a 2-year window for personal injury cases.

Always report your crash to your insurance company. Always file a report with the police.

Any car accident lawyer will tell you that a police report can play an instrumental part in any car wreck case. When you report the accident to the police, they may visit the scene. If police officers see the scene, they will take a full account of the state of the wreck. They may make formal remarks about both cars, and the state of both drivers.

4.  Relying On Your Memory

Trying to recount how the crash happened without having pictures or a written statement is next to impossible. When you are in a crash, take as many pictures as possible right away. Take photos of the cars, the road conditions, and any injuries. Even something as small as a red mark can show the early signs of injury.

When you start an insurance claim or pursue a personal injury case, you will need proof that your injury came from the wreck. You will need something more than your memory.

As well as pictures you will want to take witness statements. If you experienced injury and went to the ER, the police on the scene may take these statements. Witness statements should not only include what each person saw but their contact information as well.

Call A Car Accident Lawyer in North Carolina

Before you decide that all is lost because you made a mistake, call a car accident lawyer. With the right attorney by your side, you can recover some lost ground. It can bring you peace of mind knowing that you have someone on your team.

It’s tiring fighting your insurance company for a fair settlement. It’s worse when you are fighting against the other driver. Get a lawyer involved now and put your focus on your recovery.

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