Are Manual Transmissions Making a Comeback?

Are Manual Transmissions Making a Comeback?

It was only a few years ago that people were questioning if manual transmissions were going to become obsolete forever. Manual transmissions 

Now the question is whether manual transmissions are making a comeback. We’re seeing the younger generation adopt this more interactive method of driving, as they hope to reduce distractions and take more control over the vehicle than what they’ve experienced with an automatic transmission. There are a few prominent factors that play a role in manual transmissions and their prevalence on the road. 

More Among Younger Generations are Finding Joy in Driving

When people choose to drive a manual transmission for fun. They either enjoy driving or they enjoy having a different mode of transportation rather than simply following lights and staying in their lane. A few years ago it was seen that about 8% of drivers have the ability or skill to drive a manual transmission, but not all of them have a manual transmission as their primary car. Many have a secondary vehicle for recreational driving.

We mean to say that many people were driving an automatic for getting to and from work, or necessary trips to the store. But they bring out their manual transmission for weekend driving or taking a road trip. It’s just more fun to drive a stick shift

Reduction in Distraction Urges

Many people immediately note the stark difference between driving an automatic and manual transmission as the requirement of focus. Automatics can have the radio blasting, carry conversations with their passengers, and although people shouldn’t, they can text or use their phone behind the wheel. With a manual transmission, all of that is much more complicated. 

Many people keep the radio low so they can hear their engine. Other drivers behind-the-wheel of a manual transmission, or stick shift, know that the distractions are extremely reduced simply because both hands are busy. Although it’s not recommended practice, manual drivers often keep their right hand on the gearshift at all times. This is definitely common practice as many young drivers have gotten used to one-handed driving anyway. The tendency toward one-handed driving develops because people usually have their phone, a drink, or food item in your other hand.

Millenials and Gen Z Turned Toward Driving-Based Careers

Media outlets have been working hard to spread the news about the drastic need for truck drivers. The truck driver shortage is definitely impacting the US product chain supply, and the solution is that many younger people are turning to truck driving, and delivery as their day-to-day jobs. 

Even though it’s looking to pick up delivery jobs as a side hustle or within the gig-economy find themselves looking into manual transmission as a more economical option. They’re often less expensive than electric vehicles and still use less gas than automatic transmission.

There are several big rigs or 18-wheelers that have automatic transmissions, but those in the trade know that manual transmission usually receives repairs faster and are more reliable. Many companies prefer to keep manual transmissions in their fleet not only because of the reliability but because of the reduced gas consumption. As the younger generation enters these trades, they’re having to adapt and learn how to drive a manual transmission.

Younger Generations Want More From Everyday Activities

For a long time, there’s been the question over whether or not manual transmissions offer more safety and part of that plays into awareness of the road. Drivers manual transmissions are less likely to become distracted and generally look further ahead in the road so they can assess whether they will need to up-shift and downshift.

Those who drive a stick shift can decrease speed faster when a collision seems imminent. However, there is the other side. There are many who participate in street racing and engage in high speeds frequently because they have the ability to utilize their gears in a way that an automatic transmission would not allow.

Hurt in a Crash? How a North Carolina Vehicle Accident Lawyer Might Help 

If you were hurt and crashed it really doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you’re driving, or the type of transmission. If you were able to schedule for speed, then it may have reduced the extent of your injuries. However, using your gears to reduce your speed can result in whiplash if a collision still happens. There are a variety of injuries and property damage that come with car accidents, and it’s important that you look for a full recovery. Anyone seeking help with accessing a full recovery through an insurance claim can reach out to the North Carolina Car Accidents lawyers. 

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