How Do You Find Out If Multiple People are At-Fault?

How Do You Find Out If Multiple People are At-Fault?

While it seems like someone would give you a complete update with all the relevant information on your crash, that just doesn’t happen. There is no magical person that will tell you all the details collected about your crash. However, with a specialized car accident attorney, you might be able to access much more information than you would without this particular resource. One of the things you might have more control over is knowing if it was only one person at fault.

If you were part of a multi-vehicle accident, you might not even know who was at fault, or if there are multiple people responsible for your accident.

Who You Think is At-Fault

Most people will have some understanding or opinion of fault as soon as the crash happened. The general thinking, however, is troublesome because most people will think that they aren’t at fault. It is common thinking, but most of the time, people can assess that their view or understanding of the crash is limited to their position behind the driver’s wheel.

It may be very clear at first that you’re the victim, but it may not be extraordinarily clear as to who was at fault. They’re even instances where the vehicle manufacturer, a parts manufacturer, construction crews, and businesses could be responsible for the crash.

Will Your Car Insurance Company Alert You of Your Fault Contribution?

Well, your car insurance company has no obligation to tell you about the fault of other people, it certainly rushes to tell the DMV when you are at fault. In fact, that’s when most people realize that they’ve received a partial fault contribution. Because most drivers don’t actively participate in settlement negotiations or the demand process of a claim settlement, they don’t realize that they’ve missed out on a portion of compensation because of partial fault contribution.

But, they do realize that they were assigned partial fault when they see new points on their license or a ticket in the Mail. Your car insurance company will not call to tell you that you were at fault for the accident.

How Can You Find Out if Someone Else is At-Fault?

The best way to find out if someone else is at fault is to work closely with a local auto collision attorney. They may call upon resources that they frequently use, such as crash recreation experts. Or they may be so well versed with car crashes that they can look at the evidence and deduce who is at fault for the entirety of the wreck and the damages involved.

Fault and the Role it Plays with Your Crash Resolution.

Fault determinations are not usually set in stone. Unless you were parked and someone came in and hit you from behind, and everything else was legally abiding, it may be very easy for an insurance company to assign you 5 to 15 or even 25% fault. Now you can fight fault because liability examiners are people, and they make mistakes.

But what does need to happen for you to have fault percentages reconsidered as you need to prevent compelling evidence that disproves or goes against the assigned fault percentage? For example, if the other driver claims that you were sitting at a stop sign on your phone and distracted, you may have had a 10% fault assignment; however, if you presented your phone records to show that there was no phone activity during that time that could quickly go away.

Of course, there are many situations where the fault will always be a debate between one person and another. and there are times that if you take the claim to court before a judge that the judge may decide you were more at fault than what the involved car insurance companies were willing to agree upon.

The Time to Contact A North Carolina Car Accident Attorney

A North Carolina Car Accident attorney should be able to properly and steadily guide you through the steps of resolving your claim. That means starting with the facts of the crash from your perspective and then bring in as much information as they can access to help determine what the fault should look like. It’s with proper legal resources that you can ensure you’re accessing every possible form of evidence such as subpoenaing cell phone records, or businesses for surveillance footage.

At, you’ll find an extensive array of North Carolina car accident lawyers available and ready to help you.

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