Finding The Right Doctor After An Accident

Finding The Right Doctor After An Accident

Finding the right doctor after an accident is just as important as finding the right car accident attorney. When you are in a wreck, your medical recovery should be your first priority. But it might not seem reasonable to see your primary care physician, or you might not have one.

You can find the right doctor with a respectable employment history. They should be willing to work with your lawyer and put a high priority on your recovery.

Going Outside of Your Primary Care Physician

Many car wrecks result in someone heading to the emergency room or in the least, a nearby Urgent Care center. Then a nurse or doctor there will likely do what they can and suggest you follow up with your primary doctor.

The thing is that your primary doctor doesn’t see injuries like this often. Your primary care physician is probably a great doctor. But they don’t focus on treating injuries, and their general practice can impact your claim.

If you don’t have a regular doctor, you might bypass that option altogether, but still, look for someone online. You need to identify what type of specialist to see or see a general practitioner with the intent of requesting a specialist review your file.

General practitioners are great for almost anything except injuries. Illness, the flu, and diagnosing other issues are their specialty. When it comes to assessing injuries, most general doctors will prescribe pain pills and rest.

When an insurance adjuster looks at your medical file, they will see that your doctor only suggested rest. Meaning that the injury could not have been that serious.

Keep Communication Open

When you first meet a doctor and think, this could be the right doctor for me, make sure to ask a few questions. Specifically, questions about communication.

Ask your potential new doctor:

  • Who can I call with a medical question?
  • How long do your patients have to wait after scheduling an appointment?
  • How much time do you usually spend with your patients during a visit?
  • Will I find out about any test results when your office receives them or at a follow-up appointment?

These questions should give you an idea of how easy it is to reach this doctor. Of course, if you outright ask them, can I reach you when I need to they’ll quickly say “yes.” If you want an honest answer, you have to beat around the bush.

Demand to See A Specialist

If you have anything more severe than a sprain you will need to see a specialist. Specialists include everything from orthopedics to neurosurgeons. Many health insurance companies require that you see a general doctor first. But, you can start asking to see a specialist right away.

A specialist will impact your claim in many ways. They will be able to accurately document your condition. They will also take key measures to fully assess the extent of the damage.

MRI’s, X-Rays, and more are standard steps for specialists, but not general practitioners. A specialist is also more likely to prescribe therapy. A specialist will also help to set a realistic expectation for your recovery. 

Time Frame

Time frame is key if you want the best doctor in North Carolina, but they’re booked through the next three months, move on. It is reasonable to want exceptional care. Great doctors often have full schedules.

Focus on getting a doctor with good feedback, a reliable history and who is available. Insurance companies try to close out these cases fast. So if you delay the process of seeing a doctor, they will mark it as you chose to wait.

Most insurance companies give their drivers 72-hours from the time of a car wreck to seek medical help. After you initially seek help, you can go about finding a doctor you like, but if you are holding out to get into an appointment, you could lose your claim.

Hire The Right North Carolina Car Accident Attorney

If you are in North Carolina and recovering with injuries from a car crash, you need help. You need medical help and legal help too.

Too many people go without the proper care they need to fully recover. Whether it was because they were afraid of the medical debt or because they were unable to find a doctor before their claim went through, it’s not fair.

A North Carolina car accident attorney can help you manage your recovery while pursuing your claim. In the event that your claim doesn’t cover your medical expenses, an attorney can help you seek other solutions.

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