I Have a Concussion After a Car Accident in Charlotte, NC

I Have a Concussion After a Car Accident in Charlotte, NC

A concussion is considered a traumatic brain injury. Although a mild TBI, any concussion should still be taken seriously. A concussion occurs due to a force against your head, or a sudden deceleration of the heads. When this occurs, your brain continues moving and strikes the inside of your skull. Car crashes frequently lead to concussions since individuals may slam into the window, the steering wheel, the windshield, or the ground if the impact is powerful enough whereas they leave the vehicle. They may also be struck by objects inside the car that are moved during the collision. Concussions don’t always happen in accidents involving high speed; even accidents at speeds of 30 mph can result in a huge impact to the head and neck, resulting in a concussion. On the off chance that you endured a traumatic brain injury in an accident, contact an accomplished Charlotte car crash attorney at Hurt.com for help.

How Do I Know if I Have a Concussion After a Car Accident?

Inside the skull is a liquid that provides padding to the brain; this enables the brain to move around a little without getting damage from mild impacts. Notwithstanding, a solid impact makes the mind move brutally forward and backward against the skull. This injury can impact how the brain functions, resulting in a disruption of brain activity.

A single concussion may not be life threatening, yet people can experience the ill effects for quite a long time or months. The side effects of a concussion can make it hard for an individual to work, go to class, or be active.

Side effects of a concussion include:

  • Loss of awareness: An injured party may experience a loss of consciousness for a brief period prior to a concussion.
  • Amnesia: Some individuals experience memory loss after a minor traumatic brain injury, however a few people may experience significant memory loss after the accident.  
  • Headaches: Individuals may experience headaches and migraines for a long time after a concussion. In the event that the pain endures for quite a long time or increases, it may be an indication of a concussion.
  • Vertigo and dizziness: Concussions can make individuals feel shaky on their feet or like they are spinning.
  • Sickness: Minor TBIs can agitate an individual’s stomach and cause them to vomit. Continued vomiting may indicate a concussion.
  • Confusion: Confusion after the strike to the head, or even for days after the event, may also be a sign of a concussion. Individuals that have sustained a concussion may also have trouble remembering short and long-term events, may have trouble focusing, difficulty completing tasks and may appear dazed.
  • Speech Issues: Following a concussion, some individuals may have trouble speaking or remembering their words, or slur their speech.
  • Changes in Personality: A concussion can cause a change in personality for some people. This may include depression and anger.
  • Problems sleeping: Concussions can prompt inconvenient nodding off or trouble staying awake.
  • Increased sensitivity: Victims can turn out to be progressively touchy to light and noises. Contingent upon the individual and damage, this can keep going for a considerable length of time.

You should see a medical provider after an auto accident, regardless of whether you trust it was minor. What may have been a knock on the head could really have caused a concussion. A doctor will almost certainly see the indications of a concussion and offer you the best guidance for recovery. A few indications of a concussion are instant while others may take days to show up. Regardless of whether it has been a few days since the accident, if you are experiencing any signs of a concussion, it is important to seek medical treatment.

Indications of Concussions in Kids

Diagnosing a mild traumatic brain injury in a minor is entirely different than in an adult who is bound to have the capacity to verbalize how they feel. A grown-up’s familiarity with his or her physical and mental capacities enables doctors to see even little indications of brain damage. Be that as it may, youngsters are frequently less mindful of explicit side effects and may simply feel wiped out or awful.

Side effects of concussions in kids include:

  • Bump on the exterior of their head
  • Bruising
  • Lethargic
  • Trouble balancing
  • Difficulty walking
  • Crying
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Changes in resting
  • Loss of enthusiasm

Post-Concussion Syndrome

How well and rapidly an individual recoups from a concussion relies upon numerous elements and can’t be anticipated. A few people recuperate genuinely well and are back to their old selves in half a month. Be that as it may, others experience post-concussion disorder. Amid this disorder, concussion manifestations like migraines, sleeping disorders, dizziness and cognitive issues show up days after the impact and take months or years to recuperate; individuals that experience a significant injury may never fully recover.

Your Charlotte Car Crash Attorney Can File a Personal Injury Claim

On the off chance that you endured a concussion in an auto accident or sustained post-concussion disorder after an accident, you might be entitled to compensation. This regularly includes working with insurance agencies by recording a formal case and arranging a settlement. While numerous individuals attempt to handle the procedure themselves, it is a complicated process and may be hard to work with the insurance company while you are endeavoring to mend and deal with the expenses related to the accident. A lawyer who has worked with victims of auto accidents comprehends individual damage and protection laws and will strive to obtain a settlement. An attorney will fight for your rights against insurance agencies.

Contact a Charlotte Car Crash Attorney

An experienced Charlotte car crash attorney may be able to help injured parties file a claim against the negligent party for compensation. The attorneys at Hurt.com will tirelessly battle to demonstrate that the other person’s carelessness was the reason for the accident and the reason for your wounds. You might also recoup compensatory and noncompensatory compensation. Compensatory damage covers the costs like your medicinal expenses and lost wages. Pain and suffering falls under noncompensatory damages.

To study your choices following an auto crash, call the accomplished Charlotte NC auto accident team at Hurt.com for a free discussion.


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