4 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Claim With an Attorney

4 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Claim With an Attorney

Often drivers trust in their insurance to cover whatever is necessary after a wreck. Unfortunately, that means that many people are not receiving proper compensation for their damages. Car wreck lawyers in North Carolina see this happen all the time. With an attorney involved right away, your car insurance rep will immediately take a different stance. It’s unfortunate but true.

1.    Your Insurer Will Likely Offer An Unreasonably Low Compensation Amount

Most people don’t realize that their compensation check is actually an offer. You can reject their first offer if it’s too low and in most cases, you should. Car insurance companies offer low compensation amounts because the less they pay out means, the more money stays in their pockets.

Regardless of whether it’s your company paying out or the other driver’s, it’s likely that it won’t be enough to cover your financial losses and medical costs. It’s not unlikely to expect a few thousand dollars of debt to build up during your recovery time either.

2.    There Is A Substantial Amount of Pain and Suffering

If you re already experiencing pain and suffering you need a car wreck lawyer. A car accident attorney can help you assess and put a value on aspects of your life that until now seemed beyond a dollar amount.

It’s not unreasonable, and you should expect some type of payout for your suffering. Pain covers the physical aspect of your recovery. The parts of your recovery that come with medical bills. But other aspects such as trauma, or loss of joy are part of suffering.

Injuries often lead to additional suffering such as loss of the opportunity for a promotion at work. Or perhaps you were passed over for a bonus because you weren’t able to work at the time. These aspects can factor in your claim.

3.    Settlement Offers Are Slow Moving

Has it been months without hearing anything from your insurance companies office? Does it seem impossible to speak with anyone that knows what’s going on with your case? It’s unbelievable, but insurance companies love to drag their feet.

You should be spending hours on the phone trying to get an answer on when to expect a check. Instead, you should be working on your recovery, returning to your job, or focusing on getting past the trauma of the car wreck. Involve an attorney before this happens to you.

4.    Your Financial Stability Is Crumbling

Not only do you have the damages for your car to repair that come with a hefty deductible, but you also have your medical bills. On top of that, you probably missed work for a while during your recovery, and put bills or necessities onto credit cards.

It’s a slippery slope that many car crash victims experience. It’s even more unfortunate as usually, the people dealing with this issue weren’t the ones at fault for the crash. Financial stability may seem very secure until everything that you rely on daily such as your car and job are put on hold while you recover from an unexpected injury.

With the Help of a Car Crash Injury Attorney

Even a minor injury can lead to substantial amounts of trouble. From slow moving settlements to mounting credit card debt. It’s hard for anyone to get through a car crash without having some struggle.

That’s why people are starting to call in car crash attorneys right away. Rather than wait for something to go wrong, getting a lawyer involved from the start shows your insurance and the other driver’s insurance that you mean business.

Then if something does go wrong, you have an attorney on hand already. You can pursue other legal options without canvassing the area for a decent lawyer, or spending more time away from work, interviewing people to defend you.

Bring in a car crash injury lawyer to help you seek a fair compensation amount for your injury and everything that came with it.

Call A North Carolina Car Accident Attorney

North Carolina sees hundreds of car accidents every day, and most people don’t get a lawyer involved. You should always start your claim with an attorney by your side.

Go to Hurt.com for assistance in finding a lawyer that will defend you. It’s likely that the insurance company will quickly try to write off your incident.

But don’t let someone behind a desk determine how much damage your injuries have caused. Instead, rely on an attorney to put together a reasonable compensation goal and showcase your evidence from the crash.

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