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Drug 411

Hurt Now.com was created as an informative site for consumers who want to learn more about prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and medical devices. We are not here to provide medical advice, but to serve as a reliable source of information that is easy to read and digest in a world where patients and consumers are bombarded by marketing and sensationalized stories that just leave them frightened and confused.

We hope to present the facts. An unbiased picture that includes both the risks and benefits of today’s medications and medical devices. If you have been harmed by a dangerous or defective medication or medical device, you have options. We are here to help you recognize the signs of drug injuries and the injuries caused by defective medical devices and explore those options. And, we can connect you with people who can help, so that you and your family can recover and get back on your feet.

A Resource for You

As you do your research and are faced with difficult choices, or when you have experienced unexpected side effects from a medication or medical device, Hurt Now.com is your resource for reliable information on drugs and medical devices and breaking news about the pharmaceutical industry.

If you can’t find the answers your questions, email us or call us toll-free at (914) 200-0013 (1-800-378-4411) and we will help you.