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Elder Drivers and Car Accidents

Picture of an elder driver

Older and more experienced does not always produce the expected result. Particularly with driving, Elder Drivers may cause accidents as often or more often than other drivers. While this notion often lies in a hurtful stereotype against elder drivers, there is some extent of the truth. In North Carolina, 14.6% of fatal crashes involved a…

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Two Injured in Motorcycle Crash into SUV, Road Rage a Possible Cause


A motorcycle crash that occurred on Monday is under investigation by Lenoir police officers due to the possible involvement of road rage in the tragic incident. According to WSOC TV, two Injured in motorcycle crash into SUV that was later sent to the hospital. The crash, which occurred on Highway 321, consisted of a motorcycle…

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What to Do When You Feel Bad After a Wreck

A person not feeling well after a wreck

It happens to most drivers; you’re going about your day then suddenly you’re in a car accident. What do you do? Many experienced drivers struggle to get through the necessary procedure of exchanging information and filing a police report. Why? Because nearly everyone involved in an accident feels some extent of guilt. Even if you…

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