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Ransomware Hits U.S. Healthcare As Merck Is Attacked

ransomware us healthcare

Ransomware has been the buzzword on everyone’s lips this month, as hackers attack computer systems around the world. Despite the potentially fatal consequences, healthcare sectors around the world have not been spared from these attacks. Back in May, the UK suffered a serious disruption of its National Health Service (NHS) when malware known as “Wannacry”…

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Eliquis Recall Over Mislabeling Prompts Dosage Concerns

eliquis recall june 2017

Bristol-Myers Squibb has issued a voluntary recall relating to Eliquis, the company’s blockbuster blood-thinning drug. The lot in question has been recalled due to an incorrectly printed label stating the package contains 5 mg tablets. Its actual content is half that quantity.  The recall details cover a lot that was distributed to wholesalers and retailers back…

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Invokana Amputation Risk Does Not Apply, J&J Competitors

invokana amputation risk concern

Even as Johnson & Johnson rushes to comply with new FDA requirements to warn consumers about the Invokana amputation risk, the company’s competitors are working just as hard to separate themselves from J&J’s medication. Both AstraZeneca (Farxiga) and Eli Lilly/Boeheringer Ingelheim (Jardiance) have been at pains this week to emphasize that their medications show no…

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Androgel Testosterone Replacement Trials Begin

androgel testosterone replacement ad

More than 4,000 men line up for a legal challenge against AbbVie this month, as trials related to the company’s Androgel testosterone replacement drug get underway. The first testimony was heard this week in a class action case being heard in a U.S. District Court in Illinois. Concerns about the drug relate predominantly to cardiovascular problems,…

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Settlement Windfall As J&J Agrees to $33 Million Payment

kids medication recall

More than 40 states are celebrating after a multi-million dollar settlement with pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson. The price tag this time for J&J is $33 million, which the Chicago Tribune reports will be apportioned out to the affected states. The agreement relates to a controversy involving J&J subsidiary McNeil-PPC, dating back to 2009. Around…

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