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Researchers Take Steps to Reduce PPI Use

reduce ppi use

Following years of advice to curb the over-reliance on proton pump inhibitors (PPI), researchers are starting to take concrete steps to reduce PPI use.  The latest guidance for deprescribing PPIs was issued in Canada earlier this month, where researchers from the University of Ottawa in Ontario have used evidence from multiple clinical studies to assist…

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An Ocean Away, Medical Device Regulations Save Lives

medical device regulations

Add the term “regulation” to almost any topic and the conversation is likely to become heated. When it comes to medical device regulations, however, the life and death nature of the discussion raises the stakes. Unfortunately, regulatory action in the United States usually places a distant second, at best. Pharmaceutical sector profit margins are the…

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Will the Amazon Effect Reach the Pharmaceutical Sector?

mouse and drugs

The “Amazon effect” has impacted many industries over the years. From digitizing the world of books back in the nineties to turning the big box retail model on its head in recent years, any vertical the e-commerce giant touches typically gets disrupted.   Now, the pharmaceutical sector seems to be next in line… After several…

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Prescription Drug Prices Soared Out of Control in 2016

prescription drug prices 2016

We all know that prescription drug prices are on the rise, but the pace of that acceleration is vastly out of step with nationwide inflation, according to new numbers from Truveris. The company compiles the National Drug Index, which tracks the price of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S. Results for 2016 continued…

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J&J on Edge After $110M Talcum Powder Ruling

talcum powder cancer verdict

Things are only getting worse for Johnson and Johnson (J&J). Following a string of talcum powder cancer rulings that cost the company tens of millions in each case, a jury in Missouri has just awarded the first nine-figure verdict against J&J. The massive $110 million compensation figure goes to a Lois Slemp, a 62-year old Virginia…

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