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Invokana Complications Mean Lower Sales and More Lawsuits

invokana complications and lawsuits

One of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical sector is in trouble and its troubles come from an unexpected source: the company’s own blockbuster diabetes drug. Yes, it appears Invokana complications are finally hitting Johnson and Johnson (J&J) where it hurts, right in its quarterly results.  The company’s earnings report for Q1 2017 confirms that U.S.…

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A Wake Up Call on Medical Device Warnings

medical device warnings

Device manufacturer Intuitive Surgical is the focus of the healthcare industry in Washington this month, after a ruling in the state’s highest court brought renewed attention to medical device warnings. The decision means that manufacturers are required to warn anyone who purchases their products – patients, professionals, or medical facilities – about related risks. The…

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Allegations Cite “Complex and Fraudulent" Seroquel Scheme

Seroquel scheme allegations

False Claims Act cases often prove tough to shake, as AstraZeneca is finding out this month. Following up on an oral explanation released earlier this month, a federal judge in New York released a written explanation for preserving a whistleblower’s lawsuit Seroquel scheme. Seroquel is an antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and…

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Panel Denies Centralized Litigation for Heater-Cooler Victims

heater-cooler infections

A request to centralize heater-cooler lawsuits in the United States has been denied by the country’s Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. The decision forces plaintiffs to continue their cases on an individual basis in courts around the country, rather than joining together for a single verdict. Litigation against contaminated LivaNova heater-cooler devices has been on…

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Janssen Leans on Olympians and Athletes to Push Xarelto

xarelto side effects

The latest ad spot for Xarelto has all the hallmarks of a direct-to-consumer drug advertisement: cheery music, a story of redemption, and a mile-long list of side-effects rattled off as quickly as possible. This time, however, Xarelto’s manufacturer Bayer and its marketing team at Janssen have lured in an Olympian and an athlete to distract…

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Inhaler Recall Prompts Concern Among Asthmatics

medical device recalls fda

A voluntary recall by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is impacting hospitals, retailers, and distributors across the U.S. The Ventolin inhaler recall affects almost 600,000 devices, which asthma sufferers rely upon every day to breathe normally.  The recommendation was issued by GSK following complaints from asthmatics that the Ventolin units show signs of leaking. While the issue poses no direct…

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IVC Filter Lawsuits Grow with Two New East Coast Cases


The extensive list of complaints against Inferior Vena Cavity filters continued to swell last month, as two new cases were confirmed by plaintiffs in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. There are currently thousands of IVC filter lawsuits making their way through the country’s courts. The location of these latest cases is unsurprising. The Northeast United States has…

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