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Diabetes Drug Invokana Is J&J's Cure for Subpar Performance

Diabetes Drug Invokana Bottles

Rarely far from the pharmaceutical headlines, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) have big plans for popular diabetes drug Invokana in 2017. Following disappointing revenue results reported earlier this week, the company’s drugs and medical devices profits in Q4 2016 have been held up as a silver lining heading into this new quarter. Seeking to revitalize sales…

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Power Morcellators Return to the Media Spotlight

power morcellators jaw

After a brief spell away from media coverage labeling them dangerous medical devices, power morcellators are set for another round of unwanted press attention. The passing of Pittsburgh-based activist Bonnie Davis, who campaigned vigorously against the widespread use of the device, has prompted peers to remember her impact and continue her work. Ms. Davis was an outspoken…

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Market Growth Masks Harmful Hernia Mesh Recalls

hernia mesh recalls

Even as the list of complaints and hernia mesh recalls grows, so does the market for the divisive medical device.  A new report by Persistence Market Research predicts robust growth for the hernia repair device market over the next five years. It estimates that the global market for the devices will grow by 10% or…

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A Heart Breaking Case Documents the Dangers of Essure

baby footprint

A heart-breaking – and potentially high-profile – case is set to take the medical device Essure to new levels of controversy in 2017.  The dangers of Essure are not new. The device, which is marketed as the only effective non-surgical form of permanent birth control, has been linked to health complaints ranging from internal bleeding to…

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IVC Filter Notable in the Death of Garry Shandling

Garry Shandling Death Certificate

Documentation released by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health notes that Garry Shandling had an IVC filter implant present at the time of his death. The death certificate, obtained by reporters in Hollywood, makes mention of the IVC filter alongside confirmation that the cause of death was a pulmonary thromboembolism. In short, Shandling passed…

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