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Anti-Vaccine Documentary Pulled from Festival

Anti-Vaccine Doc - Tribeca Logo

Robert De Niro has pulled the controversial anti-vaccine film Vaxxed from the NYC Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The movie accuses the CDC of a cover-up regarding scientific research that links common vaccines with the rise in autism. De Niro’s intention had been to facilitate more conversation around the issue, which is close to his heart…

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Xarelto Commercial With Nealon and Vickers

Xeralto Logo

This is the original Xarelto commercial with Kevin Nealon and Brain Vickers, aired in 2015. While it lists several crucial side effects like bruising, nerve pain, and uncontrollable bleeding, the general air is that the drug provides liberation from the worries of blood clots and stroke. The convenience and effectiveness of Xarelto is certainly attractive,…

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